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Iron Decontamination

Wash & Wax

We use a combination of the best detailing products on the market! That includes Meguiers, Chemical Guys, Mothers, Adams, and 3D. We dry vehicles using quality clean microfiber towels to avoid adding swirl marks. Our wax will protect your paint from 2-6 months depending on where it is garaged.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is what separates us from a regular car wash. This removes any contaminants stuck to your paint. If your car is new, we’d recommend staying away from drive thru washes which are not cleaned thoroughly and result in swirl marks.

We Come 

To You Free!

We come to you free if located in Orange County, 

$25/hour anywhere outside of OC.

Protect Your 


Unlike a $5 drive thru wash, 

we avoid leaving any swirl marks 

and keep the value of your car at its

 highest! We use ultrasoft microfiber

 towels to dry and every detail includes 

wax protection to protect your 

paint for months!

We Provide Water

& Electricity

We bring our own PH balanced 

water to avoid leaving water spots. 

We also supply our own electricity 

using our super quiet invertor 

generator to keep your neighbors from 

waking up! All at no extra cost to you!

1. We keep it simple
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3. Wait for a response!
We respond within 1-2 days!

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